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Minnesota Politics

MINNESOTA'S DFL TRIES A NEW LOGO - For a more representative fit.

TSUYOSHI NISHIOKA - Japan's latest nuclear meltdown.

RECALL GOVERNOR MARK DAYTON - Sign up now in the Twin Cities. Vote for Tom Emmer.

GOVERNOR DAYTON SHUTSDOWN MN GOVERNMENT - The GOP handed you a balanced budget, with 6% more spending, 6 months ago and YOU vetoed it-shutdown is all yours!

LIBERALISM - The cancer that not only kills itself but everything else around it.

DAYTON CAVES TO GOP - Are you paying attention Boehner and McConnell? It can be done. HOLD. THE.LINE.

MINNESOTA CITIZENS ASK .... - there's a government shutdown? Really, I didn't notice. Didn't affect me.

MN GOV. DAYTON WANTS TO TAX THE WEALTHY EVEN MORE - Which is OK by him, 'cuz all his trust fund money is in South Dakota. HYPOCRITE!

GOPHER FOOTBALL - OK, I guess there IS something worse than our democratic leadership.

BACHMANN FORGETS SHE REPRESENTS A DISTRICT IN MINNESOTA - Then again, the way the Twins, Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves and Gophers are playing, I'd want to forget, too.

MAXIMUM PAIN FOR MAXIMUM GAIN - Sounds like a formula for recall.

SCANDAL - Is it me, or is the Democratic Party the Sam's Club of corruption?

OBAMA CHIA PET - Available at all gov't outlet stores. (Except in MN where the governor has shutdown the government)

A BIG THANKS FROM MINNESOTA TO . . . - MN House Speaker Kurt Zellers R-Maple Grove. We support you. Fight the DFL to the end!!

MESSAGE FOR MN GOVERNOR MARK DAYTON: - You shut it down, you own it!

CAREER WINNING RECORD OF .000 - Socialism, yeah, it's just like that.

MINNESOTA NOT SO NICE: THE DFL - You can't spell FAILED without DFL.

MINNESOTA DREAM TEAM - Notice the obvious absense of the whole "hopey-changey" thingy.

AL FRANKEN PART II - More political theft from Minnesota's DFL, which means Disenfranchising Farmers and Laborers.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton -